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Title MarZone 
Owner Phil Collier 
Owner email p.collier@unimelb.edu.au 
Owner phone +61 3 83448125 
Resource Location http://www.mup.unimelb.edu.au/e-showcase/um-geom-collier-01.html 
Faculty/Dept/Centre/School Department of Geomatics 
Class Learning design with content 
Geomatic Engineering
Geomatic Engineering not elsewhere classified 
Educational Level Other 
General Description MarZone is a stand-alone software application for delineation of maritime zone boundaries that was developed on behalf of AUSLIG by the Department of Geomatics at the University of Melbourne. It has been designed to implement all provisions relating to the determination of maritime boundaries as set out in the relevant articles of the UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea), including:

* Territorial sea (Article 3)
* Contiguous zone (Article 33)
* Exclusive economic zone (Article 57)
* Continental shelf (Article 76)

MarZone comprises two integrated parts. Part 1 enables the determination of the outer limits of boundaries of defined width from the territorial sea baseline; such as, 12 nautical mile (M) territorial sea and 200 M exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Where applicable, Part 1 is also used for the determination of the location of the formula line 60 M from the foot of the continental slope, as defined in Article 76(4)(a)(ii), and for the locations of both constraint lines as defined in Article 76(5), namely the distance constraint of 350 M as measured from the territorial sea baseline and the depth constraint of 100 M as measured from the 2500 metre isobath.

Part 2 of MarZone deals wholly with the determination of the outer limits of the extended continental shelf that, under the provisions of Article 76, may be claimable by a coastal state beyond the limits of the 200 M EEZ. These limits are determined through the input and processing of files containing data that rigorously define the outer limits of the 200 M EEZ, the formula and the constraint lines in accordance with Articles 57, 76(4) and 76(5) respectively. With the exception of the file containing data defining the location of the 1% sedimentary thickness, or Gardiner, formula line as defined in Article 76(4)(a)(i), all files required for the determination of the outer limits are output by Part 1 in a format ready for direct input to Part 2.

A sample of each type of project is provided with the evaluation version of MarZone. The document www.mup.unimelb.edu.au (168K) describes the two demonstration projects in detail and explains how to use the evaluation version of MarZone to generate various boundaries.

While the theory behind MarZone is complex, using it is reasonably simple. Most calculations are generally a matter of performing a number of sequential steps. Marzone offers these features:

* Windows graphical user interface
* Context sensitive help
* User's guide
* Printing via Windows print architecture
* User customisable settings
* Non proprietry input and output file formats
* Computes zone boundaries of standard (e.g. 3, 12, 24, 60, 100, 200, and 350 M) and user-definable widths
* Computes limit of extended continental shelf 
Keywords engineering, geomatics 
Resource formats Undefined or Other 
Physical format CD ROM (PC only) 
Date available 2002 
Technical requirements Windows 95 or later, Pentium or better, 64MB RAM, 8-bit colour on 800x600 display 
Copyright Site licences and class sets are available. Please e-mail mup-marketing@unimelb.edu.au for information. 
Funding Other 
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